Real Estate Under Lockdown. Now what?

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Real Estate SA, Lockdown and Beyond. Now What?

Operating under lockdown?

The world of real estate, which is primarily about people engaging with one another, mostly face-to-face, is being hugely challenged all around the world, primarily because of the need for social distancing and so speedy evolution has therefore become an imperative.  The fundamentals of real estate has and will never change, but the methodologies have to be adapted to work around this reality.

Your BlogsReal Estate has an always be about people. Agents are in the “people game” facilitating all kinds of transactions using their people skills, but never losing sight of the importance of empathy throughout.

What agents don’t have control of is the economy and how that plays into the property market. They must just adapt accordingly. Those that do will thrive and those who don’t will be unable to sustain themselves.

The "new normal" of real estate in the Corona virus world.

The enormous demand for on-line engagement, because of the “stay-at-home” and social distancing measures, has brought huge pressure on the on-line services industries, evidenced by the emergence of a plethora of tools, such as “Zoom“, “FaceBook Rooms“, “Google Meet” and the like, where people can interact live with each other in the virtual world. Zoom alone jumped up from 100 million subscribers to over 300 million in just a few weeks. These platforms have made is possible for people to talk to their loved ones, those they care about and also to have team and business meetings.

Your BlogsThis is the new digital economy and agents have to get on board. Real Estate 101 alone, will just not be enough in this new environment. It is quite clear that there will be no going back as peoples habits have changed and they expect to be served on-line. Real Esate is no exception.

5 key things estate agents need to do now?

  1. Build their own digital strategies around themselves and their territories to serve their clients who are “living” in the on-line world and applying their real estate experience. 
  2. Engage digitally with clients,  and keep them involved in their digital world, so that they stick around and use the agent for longer.
  3. Get to grips with managing their own digital space.
  4. Keep up with the ever changing digital tools their clients are using.
  5. Become infinitely better at reaching out to their clients with their digital assets.

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